avr 2020
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'Guys it is so so heartbreaking to have to say this and trust me I’ve lost sleep to it, but sadly due to concerns around the current health crisis, I have been forced to cancel my Spring Europe tour coming up. I hate doing this and I hate the thought of disappointing anybody and I am so so grateful to anyone that bought a ticket to come and see a show that I was so excited to play for u guys. I really really hope u all understand and know that I wouldn’t do this lightly, and unless it would 100% necessary. Ticket holders, please contact your point of purchase for a refund and again, I’m so sorry, I love u all so much and I will make it up to you I swear ️ emo girl pop will triumph!! '

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avr 2020
Le post-punk à son son apogée!



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avr 2020
"Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are regrettably canceling all remaining dates on the Jonathan Wilson and the Nearly Nashville Band tour in the US and EUROPE. We are working with promoters to reschedule as many dates as we can for the fall and even into 2021.
For all of our shows in EUROPE: We are working to reschedule dates at the top of 2021. We ask that you hang on to your tickets until we have more info!

I am truly bummed to have to do this... we’ll be back soon... stay safe out there..."

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