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May 2021
Jul 2021
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The relationship to space and habitat is central to the work of Élise Peroi, which is permeated by Michel Foucault's reflections on "heterotopias". He writes that "The garden is a carpet where the whole world comes to accomplish its symbolic perfection and the carpet is a mobile garden through space".


27 May 2021 to 11 July 2021


  • Galerie
elise peroi


 Through her weavings, Élise Peroi creates suspended spaces, microcosms in which the relationship to real time is revisited and in which the imagination is invited to take up residence. Since the dawn of time, gardens have been sacred spaces. The spirituality of Persian gardens blends with the beauty and minimalism of Japanese Zen gardens, which seek, in miniature scale, to reproduce the essence and grandeur of nature. In some of her works, Élise Peroi integrates slender, geometric steel structures that seem to project the contours of the weavings into space where strong lines intertwine.

This breathes life into the structure, almost playing with the emptiness, creating an additional dialogue with the surrounding space.

For Elise Peroi, carpets and their symbolism carry memories and a part of the collective imagination. Textile also shares etymological roots with language: "textus" means both text and textile (both are woven together) and "textere" describes both composing, assembling, telling or narrating and weaving or braiding.

Virginie Mamet  

elise peroi
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