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Getting there

How to get there


Travel by train to Le Botanique and back for half price! Le Botanique is easily accessible by train. With a Bravo! Ticket Botanique, you can make the round trip at half price, without worrying about parking. The discount code for this train ticket can be found on your concert ticket.

Coming from abroad?  Combine your Bravo! Ticket Botanique with a ticket valid on the foreign rail network up to the Belgian border.

Visit! for more information.

  • Outward ticket: from any Belgian station to any station in the Brussels area, on the day of your concert.
  • Return ticket: from any station in the Brussels area to your departure station, on the day of your concert or the following day (most concerts finish at 10.30pm, so you can usually catch the last train).



Our aim is to let the concerts finish by 22h30, if possible, so our audience can get home by public transport. The evening's exact schedule is announced by 14h00 on the day of the show. Of course, we aren't immune to delays due to technical issues, or to concerts extending past curfew because of the audience's or the artist's enthousiasm!

  • By STIB-MIVB: stop Botanique

Metro (approximately every 10 minutes): Line 2 and 6, Tram 92 and 93 (every 20 minutes), Bus 61 (every 10 to 20 minutes), Noctis nr 04 ( every half hour, only on Friday and Saturday nights)

More information at

  • By De Lijn: stop Kruidtuin

Bus :  270271272358470620

More information at

  • By train: Brussels North train station

The station can be reached from any other train station, either direct or with a switch.

Botanique is only a 10-15 minute walk from the train station.

More information at



Botanique provides a bicycle parking at the building's entrance. The Township of Sint-Joost-ten-Node has also provided extra bicycle racks at the front of Hotel Bloom! and on the other side of the Rue Royale.

If you want to be sure of arriving on time for every concert, consider Villo! It's a fast and easy way to travel by bike in Brussels. There are different stops near Botanique:

  • Stop Botanique, nr 55, avenue Galilée, 3 minute walk
  • Stop Sainte-Marie, nr 144, rue Royale 257-259, 5 minute walk
  • Stop Congrès, nr 48, rue Royale 146-148, 8 minute walk (or one tram stop away!)

More information can be found here.



Please consider carpooling with friends or other concert goers! 

A parking is situated at 100m from Botanique, at only € 3,50. It is accessible every weekday and on weekends, from 19h30 until 01h00. The parking height is 180cm. Address: Dwarsstraat 17, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node.

From March 2022 onwards, this car park is only accessible to its subscribers. It is therefore not possible to park there at the moment. We will keep you informed if the situation changes.

Another possibility is carsharing. The Cambio cars can be found pretty close to Botanique as well:

  • Station Botanique/Kruidtuin, avenue Galilée 5, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node
  • Station Barricades, pl. des Barricades 14, 1000 Bruxelles

More information can be found here.

Do you prefer a more ecological approach? Try Zen Car, a carsharing service for electrical cars:

  • Station Botanique, Boulevard du Jardin Botanique  50, 1000 Bruxelles

More information can be found here.



Since January 1, 2018, the Brussels-Capital Region has become a Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

If you are traveling by car or by van, you can check here if you are allowed to drive your vehicle inside the LEZ.

If your vehicle does not meet the right conditions, there are transitparkings to be found when entering Brussels, and alternatives to your car are available.

We would like to thank you for your contribution to the regional efforts in improving our air quality.