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About us

About us


Le Botanique is a cultural centre dedicated to live music and art exhibitions.

Inaugurated in 1829 as a national botanic garden, le Botanique became the cultural centre for the French Community of Belgium on the 23rd of January 1984 and nowadays is one of Belgium’s most visited and active cultural centres.

At Botanique, we are passionate about discovering new music and helping emerging artists launch their career. With on average 300 concerts, 10 exhibitions and 100 residencies a year, we aim to create space for creativity and artistic development.

Our music festival takes place in May every year. Boasting an eclectic line-up with international and local musicians, Les Nuits Botanique aims to promote Belgium's local scene among internationally-renowned artists. We want to create a space where everyone feels at home and can fully enjoy the live experience, be it in an intimate setting in the Rotonde or on the bigger 'Chapiteau' outdoor stage.