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19 new names before the holidays !

Today we announce 19 new names for our annual festival Les Nuits Botanique. You will discover a mix of different styles and genres: from ambient to french electro-pop, from well-established international names and to both emerging international and national artists. 

The French speaking audience has grown more and more found of French pop. The genre has been gradually making more space for female artists to express their truth and play around with stereotypes. This year, we invite Suzane, Alice et Moi and Camp Claude, to play in our Chapiteau on May 4th for a night showcasing French pop’s most promising artists.

French rap is now more popular than ever. On May the 2nd we welcome two of the most unconventional emerging French rap artists in the Orangerie: Lord Esperanza and Zed Yun Pavarotti. They will share the stage with local new talent ÂA.  

On the same day, the Botanique’s Rotonde will host a special evening of Belgian music. Antwerp's acclaimed art rockers from Flying Horseman will present their new album and tuareg blues artist Kel Assouf will reveals a unique creation for Les Nuits. 

Louise Verneuil and Judith Kiddo will join Baxter Dury in the Chapiteau on that same day.

Keep an eye open for more experimental sounds. Blanck Mass will join Warp record pioneers Squarepusher and Plaid on the 8th of May in the Chapiteau. 

For electronic dance music lovers out there, belgian producer Haring will play his brand new A/V Live show during the evening, followed by Indonesian duo Gabber Modus Operandi’s high-intensity dance music for a special late nate show at La Rotonde. 

Guitars then! Sub Pops first French-language signee Corridor joins forces with Millionaire and their psychedelic post-punk. A bit more on the pop side, Talented local act Robbing Millions will share the stage with pop anti-star Jonathan Bree on May 4th in the Orangerie.

Finally, Brussels-native record label Capitane will host a night on Friday 8th of May with Nicolas Michaux, Under The Reefs Orchestra and Turner Cody.


A lot still has to be announced in the two coming months. Info and tickets are available on our website.