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Les Nuits Botanique 2020: New dates!

New dates for Les Nuits 2020: The festival will take place from October 1st to October 11th


These are uncertain times. We have been monitoring the evolution of the global health crisis very closely. All of us are worried about our loved ones. We have also been wondering how we, as a concert venue, can deal best with the consequences of this immense disruption to our daily lives. In compliance with the social distancing rules decreed by our Government, we have had to suspend dozens of concerts taking place before April 5th. Over the past week, we have been in constant contact with artists and partners in search of the best possible solution. We have tried our best to take into account everyone who is looking forward to the start of Les Nuits Botanique. 

In 2020, Les Nuits Botanique will not take place in May. The events will return from October 1st to 11th on the premise on which they were born and where it all began — at the very end of the summer.

There was no escaping it for Les Nuits, just like for our friends of Roots & Roses Festival and plenty of other organisations across the borders. Alongside the artists, we have been working days and nights to find new dates for all of them. Some will be added to the new October edition of the festival, others will return in our regular concert season. Alliances will be made with the Francofaune festival which is held at the same period.

We will be announcing all postponements and cancellations as soon as possible. All updated information will be available on our website and through our other communication channels. They will be updated multiple times a day, so be sure to check in once in a while! All concerts between April 5th and the start of Les Nuits will still be taking place if the conditions allow it.

We were and we are incredibly proud and enthusiastic about this year’s festival line-up and we are looking forward to it. We hope to be able to share the same enthusiasm with our audience again as soon as possible in one of our concert halls or any other space where our shared love of music is celebrated. 

Together with hundreds of artists, partners and professionals from the music industry, we are working hard to welcome you back in the best way possible, once these difficult times have passed. It is with pain in our hearts that we leave our original plans for Les Nuits behind, but, after washing our hands thoroughly, we are going back to work with more passion and energy than ever to prepare these New Nuits for October.

More info on programme and dates here