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Thursday 22.06.17 - Sunday 20.08.17

Nowadays most art, design and photography is portraying perfection. Contemporary popular culture is drowning under a tidal wave of superficiality and over-perfection. Posed, polished and controlled. As if it were a reflection of our endless search for clarity and calmness and an antidote for the chaos in our lives. Technology allows us to refine the desired illusion of perfection even more.

Digital techniques has created an abundance of images. We shoot and shoot until we get it right. The imperfect pictures get deleted and the good ones get a filter or a touchup. In our perfection-obsessed culture we shy away from errors and that is, in my humble opinion, a disaster. An overabundance of skills and technological crutches eliminate the possibility of beautiful mistakes, of stunning failures and any result other than exactly what the maker set out to achieve.

Luckily failing is something artists and photographers more and more take as a subject for their work. This exhibition shows a large overview of the best Fabulous Failures found in contemporary art, design and photography, made by a group of artists that like to fight perfection, embrace serendipity and search for fabulous failures.

Erik Kessels




Karmen Ayvazyan, Ruth van Beek, Paul Bogaers, Sarah Carlier, Annegien van Doorn, Leo Gabin, David Helbich, Karel de Mulder, PutPut, Barry van der Rijt, Kent Rogowski, Dries Segers, Helmut Smits, Matt Stuart, André Thijssen.


Erik Kessels (born 1966, lives and works in Amsterdam) is often regarded as one of the most influential creative figures in the Netherlands. Artist, designer and curator, he is also the creative director of the communications agency KesselsKramer in Amsterdam.

He has curated many exhibitions, including Use me abuse me (New York PhotoFestival, 2010), Album Beauty (FOAM, 2012), Unfinished Father (Fotografia europea, Reggio Emilia, 2015) as well as Fabulous Failures, which was presented at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2016. This exhibition has been reviewed and adapted, with additional works from a selection of Belgian artists, for the Botanique this summer.


Fabulous Failures was also the subject of a work published in several languages by Phaidon and Lannoo (for the Dutch version), which appeared in 2016.