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Nive Nielsen What speaks more to one's imagination then a real Inuk woman from Greenland?

This singer-songwriter from the capital Nuuk released her debut album 'Nive Sings!' at the beginning of this summer on her own record label Tuttu Recordings (for Greenland only).

The people who helped her realizing this debut are at least 'very interesting'.

She recorded it partially in Bristol with a little help from John Parrish, next to Alain Auger for Montreal and furthermore in San Francisco, Tucson, on her attic in Greenland and yes, also in Belgium!

Next to John Parrish, who also appears on the album there are the voices of Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Patrick Carney (Black Keys), Eric Craven (Godspeed You! Black Emperor), Matt Bauer (Alela Diane), Auger en Arlen Thompson (Wolf Parade), and so on.

She wrote the music entirely herself and for the arrangements she got some help from her band member 'Cowboy Jan'.

The moods she touches on her album are shivering between coffee, bugs, ghosts, boys and naughty reindeers. And there are also ukuleles, snow songs and Eskimo's. Yay!