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Kane Strang’s sensibilities for songwriting err toward the peculiar, being enhanced rather than restricted by a lo-fi psych-pop sound. Strang’s path toward a melody is always surprising, and he never misses a beat delivering his wryly deadpan lines bemoaning lost love and . “Strang has a gift for pulling diamonds from the rough”, said a recent Pitchfork review, “[his] songs have a way of making modest acts seem heroic.” 

Strang’s amassed band of cohorts bring his vision live to the stage to arresting impact, charming crowds with his sideways slant of guitar pop. Having toured New Zealand the band have now settled into full production mode for the next LP, set for release in 2017. 

Kane Strang - Oh So You're Off I See (Official Video)

Kane Strang (c) Loulou Callister Baker - Botanique

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Last album: 
Two Hearts and No Brain (30.06.17)
Last single: 
My Smile Is Extinct