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Think having, think defending your turf, but once asleep i will dance on your bones. So "go and hope" boy… Go mash the roots of knowledge… Nothing really matters when your are nothing, "nothing but the whole". But we know what lies "behind the curtain; all is known" but no one knows… These are the melting words, "the tale of a burning man", the concrete and the anti­life. It's so easy to open yourself and control hazard. Think those corpses are just alive for a little while, let them dance and love each other. And all will be blurring because all is not, each step tightening the knot more. The liquid and the light, as a start and an end. Between the two, being a flaccid stone. Breaking out of the egg, prison from the past. "The past is death", so let's get fried by the future. Escape with me, let's get drowned in the "lowland". There, sleeps the answer for all life and death. And remember, meaning is a liar, questions and answers never meet.

Emptiness - Your Skin Won't Hide You (official live video)