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Dorian Wood, as he himself has stated in the past, is not here to comfort you. Born to Costa Rican parents in 1970’s Los Angeles, California, he studied at the Castella Art Conservatory in Costa Rica for four years, before returning to Los Angeles to perfect his creative chops; as an illustrator, performance artist (having worked with the prestigious Marina Abramovic) and musician, Dorian Wood’s works reflect a raw, prodigious talent. He channels an almost preacher-like ferocity that connects with often dark and disturbing themes, simultaneously beautiful and unabashedly emotional, recalling such luminaries as Nina Simone, Scott Walker, Antony Hegarty, David Tibet (Current 93) and Nick Cave. His live performances demand an eerie intimacy that wraps the audience in a maelstrom of sweeping melodies and his passionate wail/battle cry. Rattle Rattle (Atonal Industries, 2013) is Dorian Wood’s third album and first vinyl release. It is an operatic collection of doomsday-related anthems and torch ballads. The album was set in motion through a successful fundraising campaign that helped Dorian achieve his ambitious vision: over four years in the making, with the involvement of over 60 musicians, including a 45-member choir assembled by Dorian himself, The Difficult Women. With avant-classical arrangements that charge forth across 10 songs (including two extra tracks available only on the vinyl release), Dorian reflects on such themes as faith (“Faith is cumbersome when they chop off your hands and your feet” he sings on “Glassellalia”), oppression (“You hate us and we hate you more” on “We Are The Heart of Human Hair”) and carnage (“I’ve been a whore to my tears” on “The Useless Servant”). Rattle Rattle is, at its tremulous core, an album about the human condition.

Dorian Wood - "Chandelier" (Sia cover)

Dorian Wood + Rattle Rattle Chamber Orchestra: "Hpssos/A Gospel of Elephants"

Dorian Wood (c) Pablo Almansa - Botanique

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