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Benjamin Diamond (real name: Benjamin Cohen) is most famous for his collaboration with Alan Braxe and Thomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk fame) in the one-time band Stardust for the hit single Music Sounds Better With You back in 1997.

His new album CRUISE CONTROL will be out on October 27th 2008 on his label Diamondtraxx

He has already released two albums and one EP: (Diamond Traxx/Epic, 2000), Out Of Myself (!K7, 2005). Both albums are very different but are rated high in reviews. The first was made during the last bit of the French House craze led by Daft Punk, and is very electronic, partly under pressure of his record company at the time. The last one is more band-like, and could be described as friendly pop/rock, somewhat similar in sound to Phoenix, also from France.

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